Military Pagan Network, Inc.

Serving Neopagans and the Military Since 1992
The Military Pagan Network Inc. is currently the only organization dedicated strictly to the support of military Pagans, which includes veterans, retired, reserve, National Guard and dependent family members. We work to educate the military and maintain your rights to worship and assist you with any situations that develop.

With the assistance of many other organizations we have made progress in the acceptance of Paganism in the military. There have been as many as 15 bases world wide that have Pagan Services, and more than 8 that have Study Groups that are fully sanctioned by the Chaplains on the base. We have worked with Equal Employment Offices as well as USAF Social Actions and made efforts to work with the Armed Forces Chaplains Board.

Your membership in MPN can make the difference between finally being fully accepted and being ignored. When you become member of MPN you are being counted as a military Pagan and that is what will add up to us getting full acceptance and possibly a Pagan Chaplain admitted to the uniformed services.

The Point of Contact (POC) is our front line volunteer.  The POC Handbook is the basic information that a Point of Contact will need to function as a representative of the Network. The Handbook is available free of charge to all members of the Network, as is required reading for all volunteer's.

Military Pagan Network Inc. is incorporated in the state of Maryland as a non-profit, non-stock, religious, educational, corporation. To join MPN fill out the membership form, get a copy of your DD214 or ID card and mail a check for $10.00 to MPN.  If you wish to join for more than one year simply increase the amount sent $10.00 for each year and let us know the number of years you wish to be credited for.

We want to support you but we need your support as well. Join MPN and get yourself counted.


Dr. Drake Spaeth , Executive Director
Military Pagan Network

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