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What is a Point of Contact? A POC is the local MPN contact for a military base or region. They act as guides, information resource and sometimes friends of people who are new to an area or are just coming out of the "broom closet."

What is expected of the POC? The National office has several requirements of its Points of contact.

  • Act as a public contact for your area.
  • Have your name and address published, does not have to be street address, and given out for networking purposes.(On the website)
  • Take a proactive role in the organization.
  • Work with other Points of Contact in your area to form a Council.
  • Keep the National office posted by submitting quarterly reports in a timely manner.
  • Maintain a database of stores/groups and events and have it available to the National office as well as the local military and civilian communities.
  • That you will conduct yourself in a manner which reflects favorably on MPN.
  • That you will encourage others to support MPN by joining.

How do I become a POC? Simply contact MPN or letter to MPN indicating you wish to become a POC.  Then simply send in the reports as required.

Can I change my mind later? Yes, if at anytime you want to stop being a POC or become a POC just notify the Coordinator and the change in your record will be made. It does not affect membership.

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