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Pagan Services on Military Bases

The following is a list of all know Pagan Services held on military bases and ships.  All of this information is public knowledge and up-to-date to the best of our ability.  Each base is listed in alphabetical order and grouped by service.

Air Force Bases

  • Mildenhall, RAF and RAF Lakenheath
    East Anglia Military Pagans
    DFGL = Rande Schultze
    Time = 1830-1930 every Thursday
    Place = RAFM Chapel
    Contact =
  • Lackland AFB
    BMT Wicca Faith Group (SWC)
    Lay Leader = Rev Ronald Schaefer
    Time = 0800 every Saturday
    Place = Bldg. 5725
    Contact =
  • Travis AFB
    Travis Earth Circle
    Lay Leader = Loye Pourner
    Time = Education classes 1900-2100 every Monday
    Celebrations every Sabbat
    Contact =
  • Qatar, Al Udeid AB
    DFGL = SSgt Linda Schultze
    Time = 2000 every Saturday
    Place = Chapel Multipurpose room
  • Pope AFB
    Ft. Bragg/Pope Open Circle (SWC)
    POC = Christine Ahrens
    Contact =

Army Bases

Navy Bases

Marine Corps Base

  • MarForLant
    MarForLant Earth Based Religions Group
    DFGL = Co Laura McCord
    Time = 1800-1900
    Place = Room 12A in the NOB Chapel
    Contact =

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