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The Military Pagan Network is one of many Pagan organizations that has been supporting the efforts of Roberta Stewart, widow of Sgt Patrick Stewart, whose recent death in war operations just outside of Afghanistan has exponentially increased pressure on the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs to approve the Wiccan Pentacle for Sgt. Stewart's government issued headstone and memorial plaque. The Pentacle is the Stewart's personal symbol of belief, as well as that of may other Wiccan and Pagan active-duty military members and their families. For nine years, the V.A. has stubbornly refused to approve the symbol, claiming the need to revise procedures, despite ample evidence that the department has approved the symbols of other faith groups. Letters have been written; rallies have been organized; hundreds of television, radio, and internet news stories have been published or broadacast; and meetings with VA officials at the highest levels have been held--all to no avail. The fact that even the death of a Pagan solidier is not sufficient to warrant this approval is not only an outrage that cannot be tolerated, it poses one of the most substantive dangers to constitutionally-guaranteed religious freedom that we have seen in many years. To address this threat, the Military Pagan Network is endeavoring to step up its efforts to increase public awareness of this issue and garner support for Roberta Stewart.

Please join us in helping the V.A. to FULLY understand the esteem in which we Pagans hold our honored dead, those who have joined the ranks of our ancestors. Please help us to support Roberta Stewart, who is in need of significant emotional and financial support. Lady Liberty League and Circle Sanctuary ( provide information about how you can become involved and help support Roberta. Also, thanks to the efforts of Rona, a fundraiser for Roberta is underway. Details are available in this website.

Please be welcome!

Drake Spaeth
Executive Director, MPN
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